MC 85

Top Performance on Cohesive Soils

The new MC 85 trench roller is ideal for use on wet clay-like and silty soils where conventional soil compactors can no longer be used. Powerful and robust, it ensures outstanding compaction with simple and safe operation. 
Effective, energy efficient soil compaction with maximum safety – that is what the new MC 85 trench roller stands for. Thanks to the high centrifugal force combined with the kneading effect of the sheepsfoot drums, this trench roller enables maximum performance when compacting cohesive soils. The hydraulic articulated steering offers good traction without the freshly compacted soil being torn open when the drums turn.
From pipeline and sewer construction to the compaction of base layers for foundations, paths or parking lots, this new power pack delivers optimal results, even on more difficult soils with very high water content. 

MC 85 Trench Roller – first-class performance

Equipped with a modern and powerful, water-cooled 3-cylinder diesel engine from Kubota, the MC 85 trench roller fulfills all emission regulations according to Stage V and TIER 4f. With low fuel consumption per hour and practical eco mode, it is especially energy efficient and economical. If the remote control is not being operated, the engine automatically switches to idle speed. 
Thanks to the easy-to-understand and dependable radio remote control, the operator can move at a safe distance from the roller without losing control of the machine. The machine stops automatically as soon as the distance between the operator and the machine is closer than 6.5 feet or further than 65 feet. 
In addition to low operating costs and comfort, the new MC 85 trench roller also impresses in terms of durability and operational safety. The exciter housing is completely sealed within the rollers and offers reliable protection against the ingress of water, dirt and associate damage. In addition, all hydraulic hoses are securely installed and fully protected against chafing or damage. The oi-lubricated vibration exciters make maintenance easier and ensure a long service life. 

Additional Features: The operator can choose between two driving speeds and two compaction settings (8,093 and 16,411 lbs.). Vibration is optional and can be switched on using the automatic function.  Also, the protective, wide-hinged hood covering the engine simplifies maintenance and can be locked if necessary.  

Technical Data
Operating weight: 3,576 lbs. (1.622 kg)
Drum width: 32 inches (82 cm)
Centrifugal force: 16,411lbs. / 8,093 lbs.
Frequency: 42 Hz
Working speed: .87 mph
Travel speed: 1.9 mph
Engine: Kubota D1005  -  3 Cylinder, water-cooled, max.: 24 HP (17,5 kW)
Fuel consumption: 0.8 gal/h
Tank capacity: 6.3 gal.

MC 85 trench roller in a durability test