CR 6 Hatz Reversible

CR 6 reversible plate compactor - ideal for block pavements or trenches

The CR 6 MDM with Hatz engine is distinguished by its superior performance: an impact power of 12,370 lbs., operating weight of 913 lbs. and a flexible 24" working width.  Low hand-arm-vibrations ensure optimal comfort. 

For trench work or block pavements, or for general compaction tasks in road construction, civil engineering or the landscaping sector: the CR 6 is always the right choice. Depending on soil conditions it achieves a compaction depth of up to 24 inches/60cm. This machine also comes with an engine data management system, MDM, which allows for the following features:

  • Engine shutoff when the engine oil pressure and oil level drops below the permissible level.
  • Engine shutoff when the engine temperature exceeds permissible limits.
  • Engine shutoff when the air filter is dirty.
  • Indicator warning that time for next maintenance inspection has been reached or exceeded.

CR 6 CCD is another version of the CR 6 MDM. It is equipped with the new COMPATROL® 2.0 next generation. This is a compaction control system that provides the additional advantage of continuous and even compaction control and quality assurance of the compaction work performed. COMPATROL® 2.0 allows for uniform compaction across the entire compacted surface. Added benefits of this machine include:

  • Weak spots in the soil can be detected and corrected quickly.
  • Easy-to-understand and self-explanatory LED display.
  • Savings in cost/time of up to 25% due to fewer passes.

The commitment to quality has also been designed into details: Hydraulic infinitely variable shifter for forward and reverse travel, closed v-belt guard, self adjusting centrifugal clutch, height-adjustable guide bar and a sturdy protection frame with engine cover are characteristics that indicate optimum operational safety.

The powerful 1 B 40 Hatz Diesel engine is equipped with a special "anti-noise package".

Technical Data:


CR 6 Hatz MDM / CCD

 Operating weight :

913 lbs.

 Working width : 

18 / 24 / 29

 Centrifugal force : 

12,364 lbs. 

 Frequency : 

72 Hz

 Engine : 

Hatz 1 B 40

 Power output, max :

10.3 HP (7.5 kW)

Optional accessories:
Polyurethane pad, extension plates (extends to 29" - take standard extensions off to get a narrower width of 18")

Video Compatrol

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