SRV 600i Rammer - 139 lbs


The SRV 600i rammer - anything but standard.

Engine: Honda GX100  Impact force: 2,833   Weight: 139 lbs.     Shoe width: 11"

Designed for a wide range of applications at a construction site,
the SRV 600i offers everything you have come to expect from a powerful and robust tamper.

  • Good operating comfort.
  • Rugged and powerful tamping system.
  • Four-stroke GX 100 gasoline engine from Honda
    with low emissions.
  • During start-up an oil sensor monitors the oil pressure
    and prevents the engine from starting, if there is lack of oil.
  • Air filtration system with cyclone pre-cleaner.
  • Tank and inline filters clean the fuel.
  • Two year warranty without restrictions.


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