Reversible soil compactor CR 8

Centrifugal-force: 75 kN   -   Working width: 70 (85) cm   -   Weight: 601 - 603 kg

The new premium class: powerful, sturdy, reliable

They raise the bar in the premium class of manually operated soil compactors:
CR 8 and CR 9 made by Weber MT.

Their range of application spans from classic earthworks to paving.
The balanced operating characteristics, low hand-arm vibrations
and ergonomically designed handles allow you to work without getting
tired and guarantee a high degree of user comfort.
Handy features include lockable fold-up guide bars, which let operators
adjust units to their height, and large lifting eyes, which make it possible
to load the vibrating plates in a quick and safe manner.

Besides the standard version with a Hatz engine and electric start, the
CR 8 soil compactor is also available in other variations:
the “MDM” version with engine protection and the “CCD 2.0” version which
includes the engine protection feature as well as the compaction control

The CR 8 is also available with WEtrac - the Weber MT machine data telemetry.

   CR 8  -  Hand-Arm-Vibrations < 2,5 m/s²


Available optional extras:
Polyurethene pad, extension plates

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