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Die neue MC 85 Grabenwalze (Mehrzweckverdichter) / The new MC 85 Trench roller (Mulitpurpose compactor)

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MC 85 Trench roller / Grabenwalze

CFR 90 Plate compactor

As an export-oriented business and a specialist for hand-guided compacting equipment, Weber MT is uniquely equipped to accommodate special customer requests, including those from specific regions. In Scandinavia, for instance, customers frequently opt for vibratory plates that come with a base plate that is almost “round". The added agility of the machine especially benefits customers dealing with spacial constraints as, for instance, found in trenches or locations that require an alternative to a vibrating rammer. Other areas of application are hardscape/landscape, compacting along the edges of concrete block and around manholes and poles.

Technical Data:

Operating weight: 90 kg

Working width: 43 cm

Centrifugal force: 15 kN

Engine: Honda GX 160 / 4-stroke-petrol

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